Mercure Resort Sanur: Family-Friendly Getaway in Sanur

If you’re searching for a family-friendly retreat in Sanur, try a stay at the Mercure Resort Sanur. This luxurious beachfront resort, located on Bali’s picturesque eastern coast, welcomes guests of all ages.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly vacation spot, look no further than the Mercure Resort Sanur. Surrounded by magnificent tropical plants, the resort is situated on Sanur beach. It has a spa, a state-of-the-art workout facility, and three outdoor pools.

Mercure Resort Sanur

The resort has a shallow pool for children to play in and a Kids Club with fun activities for the kids to participate in. There’s a playground and a game area stocked with old and new favorites for the kids to enjoy together.

There is no better place to stay in Sanur than at the Mercure Resort. Many of Sanur’s best sights, such as malls, art markets, and temples, are nearby. Activities like surfing, parasailing, fishing, hiking, and even dancing can be enjoyed outdoors.

Lounging on the beach and using the resort’s beach facilities is a great way to spend some downtime. From here, you can watch the sunrise over the horizon while you sip a beverage or bury your toes in the warm sand.

Explore Sanur’s Family-Friendly Activities

It’s no secret that Sanur is a hotspot for vacationing families. It’s easy to see why, given the area’s beautiful landscape. However, the Mercure Resort Sanur offers various entertainment options to please everyone in your group.

Why not try surfing if you’re seeking a thrilling pastime? If you’re new to surfing, Sanur is home to some of Indonesia’s top breaks, and plenty of qualified instructors help you get started. Parasailing and kiteboarding are two extreme sports you can try in Sanur.

Those in the mood for excitement can choose from various outdoor pursuits, such as fishing, hiking, and even dancing displays. Whether a stroll along the beach or trekking into the forest, you’ll find something entertaining for everyone.

Sanur is home to numerous museums, galleries, and other cultural attractions if you’d prefer a more sedate outing. Walking the beach and watching the sunset are two more popular activities.

No matter what kind of activities you’re looking for, the Mercure Resort Sanur has you covered. There will be fun activities for the whole family to enjoy, from water sports to strolls. So come on down and do some adventuring in Sanur with the kids.


Surfing is a terrific family activity to enjoy on your vacation to Mercure Resort Sanur. Everyone from the most inexperienced to the most seasoned surfers will find something they like here.

Private and small-group surf lessons taught by pros are available at this resort. All necessary tools, instructions, and safety precautions will be supplied. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you can use the equipment provided to check out the local beaches.

The resort offers several beautiful areas to visit if you are a skilled surfer. There are breaks along the shoreline, suitable for surfers of all experience levels, with waves ranging from gentle to extreme.

If you plan to go surfing, check the surf report first because there may be dangerous currents. The waves in Sanur are often smaller in the mornings and larger throughout the afternoon.

Boards, wetsuits, and rash guards are all available for hire at the resort. Sunglasses and waterproof bags to keep your possessions dry and safe while on the water are just two of the many accessories available.

The Mercure Resort Sanur is a fantastic place for surfers of all skill levels to enjoy the waves and make lifelong memories with their loved ones.


Parasailing is an amazing pastime that any family staying at the Mercure Resort Sanur should attempt at least once. On a clear day, you may see Sanur’s beautiful coastline and surrounding landscape from above.

In Sanur, parasailing can be arranged through any number of businesses. A parasailing ride might last 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the company. Every tour company provides passengers with life jackets and has thoroughly trained employees. There is also a safety briefing before any planes take off.

Parasailing is weather-dependent. Therefore, checking with the company before making a reservation is wise. Conditions of relative calm are preferred for the activity. After all, nobody enjoys going parasailing when the weather is bad.

A single flight for one person might range from $50 to $75, depending on the company you book with. If your family agrees to go together on a ride, prices may be slightly decreased. Some service providers may provide discounts or deals if you inquire about them in advance.

In my opinion, the ideal times to go parasailing are first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Sanur, the coast, and the azure sea can be seen for miles, making this the ideal location for a photo shoot. Parasailing is an adventure that the whole family can enjoy together and talk about for years to come.

Fishing in Sanur

You’re in luck if fishing is a popular hobby in your household. Sanur Beach is recognized for its great surf and shore fishing. Large schools of fish may be found all over the shoreline, making for thrilling fishing. Local outfits provide half-day and full-day excursions to deeper waters for anglers. You’ll be able to hire all the essential equipment on site, and the skilled captains will show you and the family the ideal areas.

You can hire fishing equipment and fish in almost any location. Some fish species inhabit the shallow waters immediately adjacent to the shore. Examples are the snappers, groupers, mackerels, parrotfish, and barracudas. Fish like tuna, mahi mahi, sailfish, and maybe even marlin can be caught further to sea.

Bringing home a few lobsters will be a highlight of your trip. Their bright orange antennas sticking out of the sand make them easy to notice because they inhabit such shallow waters. You can try your luck with a rod and reel, but many locals use enormous hoop nets to catch the lobsters.

Everyone, from novices to seasoned pros, can enjoy themselves while fishing in Sanur. Fishing for new species and hearing the roar of the surf are both activities that children will enjoy. Get your fishing gear ready and give it a go!

Hiking near the Mercure Resort Sanur

Sanur has some of Indonesia’s most stunning and verdant tropical woods, making it an ideal destination for nature-loving families. Trails through lush, green jungles with nearby waterfalls, rivers, and lagoons are all within easy reach. You can find golden sands and cliffs on the other side of the water’s edge.

Hiking is an excellent opportunity to take in Sanur’s spectacular surroundings. You’ll have a unique chance to get up close and personal with the beautiful and wild wildlife that makes this region so special. Exploring new landscapes with your loved ones is enjoyable and a fantastic chance to educate everyone at your travel party about ecology, flora, and fauna.

The Mercure Resort Sanur is conveniently located among numerous hiking trails, from strolls to multi-day treks. The Tamblingan Trail, which leads to the peak of a neighboring mountain, and the well-known Kebun Raya Conservation Trail, which features some of Bali’s rarest flora and fauna, are among the most famous routes. The resort staff can also suggest kid-friendly walks less than a mile long.

No matter how long the hike is, it’s important to pack enough food, water, and sunscreen. Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes, and don’t forget your camera to record the amazing views!


Dancing is a fun family activity for those who are youthful at heart. There’s something for everyone to get their groove on at the Mercure Resort Sanur. There are many places throughout the resort where you can get your dancing on, so you won’t have to worry about being isolated.

Guests of the resort can catch performances of traditional Balinese dances regularly. The lively costumes and exciting music at these concerts will keep audiences captivated. Weekends also feature unique activities, including karaoke nights, open mics, and shows by local bands and DJs.

The resort also offers dance classes for anyone who wishes to improve their jive. Take advantage of these sessions to learn new moves, sharpen your coordination skills, and gain self-assurance on the dance floor. You can improve by following these instructions, no matter how much or how little dance experience you have.

The resort puts together special dance parties every few weeks for a classic night out. These celebrations welcome guests of all ages, making them ideal for families looking to spend a memorable evening together. Dancing to the latest singles with a stylish audience is like nothing else.

The Mercure Resort Sanur hosts dance classes and events for all ages and skill levels. With abundant activities, styles, and events, you’re guaranteed a great experience while dancing the night away with your family.

The Resort and Other Affordable Local Family Dining Options

When organizing a family trip, finding restaurants that everyone can enjoy is crucial. A few great restaurants in the Mercure Resort Sanur are suitable for families. The restaurant caters to all tastes by providing a buffet and a la carte options.

Here are the dining options at the resort:

  • The Main Restaurant – offering buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Café Sedona is serving beverages, snacks, and light meals.
  • Lobby Lounge – specializing in cocktails, beers, wines, and tapas dishes.
  • Nirwana Beach Club – offering beachfront BBQs and live music.

The resort isn’t the only place where you and your family may eat at a reasonable price. Head to the Sanur food street, which is open on Wednesday and Saturday nights, for various street foods and affordable snacks. Traditional Balinese eateries, known as Warungs, serve tasty dishes using local ingredients. Favorites at Indonesia’s ubiquitous warungs include sate lilit ayam (chicken satay), ayam betutu (roasted chicken), and gado-gado (vegetable salad with peanut sauce).

There are many excellent seafood restaurants in the area close to the shore, perfect for a romantic evening out. Here, you may savor freshly caught grilled fish and other delicious delicacies. They also provide the youngsters with face painting, treasure hunts, and sandcastle competitions.

Sanur has a wide variety of restaurants that are perfect for feeding the whole family. Your family is guaranteed a wonderful dining experience in Sanur, where you can find anything from tasty snacks and light meals to full-course meals.

The Mercure Resort Sanur offers family-friendly entertainment.

Enjoy a wide range of family-friendly activities at the Mercure Resort Sanur. The resort offers plenty, whether you’re looking for something to entertain your youngest children or exciting activities for your older ones.

The resort’s outside area features a playground and a kid-friendly pool, perfect for traveling with young children. While their kids are busy with various activities, parents may kick back and soak up some rays. There is also an indoor game room with entertainment options that will keep your kids occupied for hours.

There are a variety of fun activities available at the resort for both adults and older teens. Banana boat rides, beach volleyball matches, and jet ski tours of Sanur Bay are just a few of the fun activities available. There are several locations to kick back and unwind, including a rooftop patio where you can take in breathtaking sunsets.

The resort has a mini-golf course, arcade games, and an outdoor pool with an underwater obstacle course, perfect for some friendly competition. There are entertaining escape rooms for the whole family to try out, and the resort also hosts nightly musical events.

There’s always something fun for the whole family to do at the Mercure Resort Sanur. Because of the wide range of options, everyone in the family may enjoy themselves.

Save Money and Plan the Perfect Family Vacation at Mercure Resort Sanur

You’ve found the ideal site if you’re seeking methods to save money while organizing the perfect family vacation at the Mercure Resort Sanur. We’ve collected some of our favorite money-saving family vacation management strategies.

  • Book your flights as early as possible. This will ensure you get the best deals and avoid last-minute stress.
  • Take advantage of online discounts and coupons. Many websites, such as Groupon and Expedia, offer fantastic discounts on hotel stays and other activities.
  • Consider renting a car or taking public transportation to the resort. Both options are often significantly cheaper than hiring a cab or rideshare service.
  • If you plan to spend much time in the water, consider bringing your beach towels and equipment from home. This will save you money compared to buying supplies at the resort.
  • Pack meals for the family and bring them to the resort with you. Most resorts have refrigerators available, making it easy to store food and prepare meals without having to eat out all the time.
  • If you know what activities you want to do beforehand, check if the resort offers any packages. These packages may include discounted rates or special perks for those who book the package.
  • Look for other discounts and loyalty programs. You could save money by signing up for a member card at the resort.
  • Be sure to ask about any additional activities or amenities offered at the resort. Sometimes, special deals for families can help make your stay even more enjoyable.

If you follow these suggestions, you may save money and organize the perfect trip for your family to the Mercure Resort Sanur.

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